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These High-Yield Trust Deeds & Notes are:
o Short & Medium Term Interest Bearing Notes (1-10 Years)
o Fixed Rate and Step-Interest Rate Notes
o Earn rates typically from 7% to 10% annually (and more if paid off early)
o Loan amounts vary from $40,000 to $5,000,000

You will receive in your Possession: 
o The original Promissory Note (For 100% ownership Investments)
o A recorded Deed of Trust providing you with a secured lien against the property
o A Policy of Title insurance insuring your investment as Beneficiary
o A Liability Insurance Policy Endorsement insuring the property against certain perils

Our Loan Servicing Management Benefits to an Investor:
o Earn a high rate of interest on a note secured by real property
o Automated full-service Loan Servicing at a minimal charge
o Collection of borrowers monthly payments
o ACH deposits Available
o We perform all necessary oversight efforts for Collection at a competitive price which includes all Servicing requirements to help safeguard your investment. 

INTEGRITY, DEDICATION & TRANSPARENCY is the three vital characteristics that define Royalty Mortgage Company, and the reason it has been successful for over 25 years in the Private Money Lending Industry.  Since 1987 Royalty Mortgage Company has provided investors with trust deed investments on real property that provide competitive yields with acceptable risk.  We have repeat business with many of our investors which illustrates Royalty Mortgage Company’s dedication to performing its service with integrity, honesty, dedication and full transparency to the investor.
If you are a seasoned Trust Deed Investor or a Hard Money Lender and would like to do more loans, or simply just looking to get started and would want to have a steady stream of quality loans on a monthly basis while minimizing your risk, Royalty Mortgage Company  will assist you in the placements of your funds.
The company enjoys an enormous level of trust with our investors.  We have built strong integrity and dedication in protecting the investor’s interest without compromising our ethics to customer service. 
Royalty Mortgage Company funds first, second, and third deeds of trust on real property with loan amounts from $40,000 to $5,000,000. If you purchase trust deeds, we can also provide the loan servicing management that you require as we provide an experienced and efficient loan servicing department to process all that is needed to maintain legal compliance and keep key efficiency’s.      While any investment has risks, investors have typically been rewarded within investing in trust deeds with secure, high-return yields on quality investments based on our conservative but "make sense" underwriting standards.
In today’s economic climate, seasoned investors are realizing that this is the best time in decades to get into Trust Deed investing.  Rates are high and values are low.  The risk of further decline is diminished while yields are staying at large spreads over CD rates.
You must be a California resident to be eligible.  You may invest personally as well as through a qualified retirement account.  All investments are individual and are held in the investor’s name. Each loan is a unique investment and is NOT part of a mortgage Pool.  This gives you the freedom to accept or decline each mortgage opportunity.
You may purchase whole loans or partial interests in one or more loans.  You may invest in loans together with your retirement plan.  All funds are placed in Trust accounts with third party Escrow and Title Insurance Companies under the strict supervision of the California Bureau of Real Estate, the California Department of Corporations, or Department of Insurance.

1. We offer a much higher yield than most other types of investment.
2. We make sure your interests in your investment are always protected.  You are entirely in control of your Trust Deed Investment-simply because you own it.  You are free to assign your Trust Deed to someone else at any time.
3. We make sure that the property we endorse has been thoroughly evaluated to have substantial equity, has met our stringent guidelines and has the potential to be income producing.
4. Your Trust Deed will be secured by a lien against the property.
5. We are able to insure the loan at 125% Lenders title policy coverage.
6. You get the borrowers monthly payment and can service your own loan or for a fee we can provide Servicing Management to you.
7. We will work around your risk criteria and margin of safety.
8. Our knowledge and expertise in the industry has helped maintain the integratedrelationship we have with our investors.
9. We have Residential and Commercial loan requests for California Properties.
10. All our deals have well established and practical exit strategies.

Contact us at 909-294-5300 Ext. 101 or email us at: for more Information and to receive a copy of "Frequently Asked Questions about Trust Deed Investments" Published by the California Bureau of Real Estate.